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When thoughts became things....

This is a very personal story of how Imbue Lifestyle came to be. I remember living a preschool life, I was eating a treat my dad given me. I threw the wrapper on the ground when I finished it. My dad saw me do this and he freak out! This definitely was the very first lecture I ever sat through. I've always loved my fathers' environmental mindfulness and passion to be imbued in nature. Since that day, I've always tried to be conscious of the footprint I leave behind, humbly living on this planet.

Planting seeds of mindfulness - Imbue Lifestyle

My mom has always been deep rooted in her love for god, being the best person and mom she can be, contributing to her community through selfless acts of kindness and participation within her church community. She's not an affectionate person, but she loves hard and true like a bear mom does. My favorite moments growing up with my mom and my aunties that contribute to who I am, was cooking together. This expanded into cooking with friends and amazing potlucks. I loved every minute of the conversations we would have, the funny things people would say, the dipping into life topics, challenges, and solutions. Swapping of great recipes. It was so much more than just cooking and eating. It was tribal connection, therapeutic support, cooking in love, and the best home cooked meals ever. 

Living in California as a young adult and just starting my career as a Cosmetologist is when I discovered just how much whole foods, affects the body, including the hair, skin, and nails. I would express the importance of healthy nutrition with my clients when they wanted to improve the condition of their hair. And it has always been important to me to utilize as much natural products as possible within my business in an effort to protect my clients from toxic overload and to protect the environment.

Years later, I had my youngest daughter in Berkeley, California. I remember the nurses wanting to comfort her and me because she was crying so much. They had given her a bottle of Similac milk while I was sleeping, even though I was breast feeding. Turned out that she definitely had an intolerance to milk. I freaked out when I woke up to her blue face reaching up for air. Thank goodness a few slaps on her back cleared the milk her body was trying to ex-spell. But I did request to stay an extra day just incase she had another episode of not breathing and it might have not been the milk. As she grew old enough to attended Daycare, the family friend whom owned the best daycare in Marin County notified me that Olivia could not eat gluten either.  And as she continued to grow in age, I discovered that sugar and processed foods were the culprit to her asthma, eczema, constipation, and other disorders involving her digestive system. So I changed my daughters' diet in effort to heal my daughters' digestive system and I stopped eating gluten, dairy, and sugar as well to be supportive and ended up disipating my daily evening bloating.

I eventually moved up to Washington State and the unthinkable happened. The pain and crazy happenings within my body and my unexplained skin conditions progressively worsened over the years started to take over. So I discussed my issues with my physician and after seeing several specialists and several counselors, my jaw just about fell off my face. I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD, General Anxiety, and Depression. They said my traumatic childhood experiences and relationships were finally catching up with me. But I didn't completely understand at the time how it all tied in together - the physical debilitating pain, my skin conditions, the internal inflammation, and why so many years later.

When they mentioned my white blood cell count was too high, I jumped on board and made an effort to try all that was recommended to advocate my own holistic skin and wellness - skincare books, self care books, learned about "triggers" in counseling and with my dermatologist, cleaned up my diet, cleaned up my environment and attended a few DIY household cleaning product classes, participated in yoga classes, joined a women's hiking group, and scheduled a few therapeutic services for myself as an incentive for my personal growth and overall wellness goals.

Advocating self care- Imbue Lifestyle

One day as I was trying to relax during a facial, wondering what I could do to feel like myself again while working in an environment I enjoy. My esthetician interrupted my focused thoughts, and informed me I wasn't allowed to think of anything else, outside of enjoying my facial service and the tranquil environment I was presently in with her. That's when I realized how conducive it would be to use my esthetician license to the fullest, to create a new style of business. I absolutely loved the peaceful environment of an esthetician room, all the in-depth knowledge and rituals I've been able to apply to my own skin conditions, the solitude time with clients, and all the lotions and potions that made me feel like a kitchen chemist. So I took it upon myself to study in-depth, Aromatherapy and Skincare Formulations to learn how useful essential oils can be and how to create artisan natural products.

 I tried Reiki for the first time and I loved it so much that I decided I needed my Master Reiki certification too. Through a  search online in regards to wellness, I found the end of my rainbow! I enrolled in online program for Holistic Wellness. This is when I finally started to understand how several elements could affect one element within my life. And how one element within my own life could create havoc within so many other elements in my life as well.  At this point, I started to envision a whole new way I wanted to incorporate all that I was learning within the Holistic Wellness into this new style of business I was designing. 

I also felt drawn to include my practices of Yoga and an Ayurveda lifestyle into my Holistic Skincare Program because of all the benefits they both provide within health and skin care. But I like to provide professional services in all that I share with my clients. So I enrolled in a Yoga Instructors' program and an amazing women focused Ayurveda Counselor program. 

 Long story, short. I rose out of my own darkness and muck with the help of a new perceptive of holistic skincare and wellness. I detoxed and let go all that was no longer serving me and made room for my new and desired lifestyle. Rejuvenated and renewed my mind, body, skin, and environment to create the experiences I wanted in my life for myself. 

 I now reside in the southern living state of North Carolina. Enjoying the four seasons, warm ocean water, and experiencing the different landscapes and tranquil weekend destinations. Making holistic skincare/wellness a priority in my life has made all the difference. My daughter has forgotten the stress and pain on eczema and all her other disorders. I'm so grateful all has calmed down for me too! I consider myself to be a lifetime student of Holistic Skincare and Wellness. I'm so excited to have created a new avenue in which I can share a "Whole" perspective of how each unique client can find the consistent results they desire, radiating their best health from within and loving the skin they live in.

One of my favorite words is "Imbue". I deeply appreciate the meaning and have come to realize just how much applying this one word to my life has improved my holistic wellness. It means to inspire or permeate with feeling or quality. How beautiful is that! And lifestyle is a way in which a person or a group of people live. So Imbue Lifestyle has a deep personal meaning to me. It's acknowledging the past and today for what it is - the beautiful moments, the ugly, being perfectly imperfect, self care and self love. Starting with the the largest and most exposed organ of our body and expanding into wellness holistically, from the inside-out. Discovering and using natural solutions, creating a healthy lifestyle. Planting the seeds of love and knowledge for your future self, loved ones, and the world we live in. This is Imbue Lifestyle!

Thank you for taking an interest in reading up on Imbue Lifestyle's story and welcome to a new experience here at Imbue Lifestyle! My fondest hope is that Imbue Lifestyle becomes your haven of support within Holistic Skincare Wellness. I look forward to working with you soon! 

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"May you walk in beauty always" - favorite Navajo quote

Elemi, Founder of Imbue Lifestyle