What's Your Type?....Skin that is!


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Ayurveda embraces the skin as a "Whole" when it comes skin. What you may visually see on the outside often is a reflection of what may be happening within your body. If you're still struggling with managing skin conditions, you may need to dig a little deeper and work with a holistic skincare coach to support you through your journey of unveiling your best radiant skin. Nourishing your body with healthy nutrition for better skin is a wonderful element to start with. But it may be more than just eliminating certain foods from your diet and eating more salads that needs to be evaluated and adjusted. Knowing where you are prominently within the Doshas helps in selecting the right type of skincare your body desires is a big part of the puzzle. 


Try Imbue Lifestyles' Dosha Skin Type Quiz. This short quiz will give you feed back on your dominant dosha and suggested type of dosha skincare products that your skin may respond well to. 

Looking for support guidance in managing sensitive skin and skin conditions that lead to sensitive skin? Imbue Lifestyle has you covered. We dig in deeper and explore more into different elements of your holistic wellness to discover what may be hindering your desires with your skin. Schedule a Discovery Call with Elemi in regards to Holistic Skincare Coaching HERE.