Living Harmoniously with a Carnivorous Family

Imbue Lifestyle - Living harmoniously with a carnivorous family
Eating a meatless diet and living with my carnivore family! 🍗
At first, It felt a little dysfunctional cooking my meals separate from my family. I also found myself not eating with my family, because I would still be in the kitchen cooking my own meals while my family ate. This brought up emotions of feeling unsupported and isolation. Having daily breakfast and dinners, seated at the table, sharing thoughts, intentions, and connection is also important to me. This is one of the ways we create family time throughout our busy schedules. 
So I decided to prep our produce for the week. I found that purchasing frozen fruits and vegetables cuts down on preparation time and it is a better option when I have a busy weekend or I just want to hygge and do as little as possible in a weekend. All I have to do now is just add the healthy carbs we all want AND the protein my family wants to hot daily meals.
In a effort to support my new lifestyle of eating, my family decided to eat one vegetarian or a pescatarian meal, once a week with me and I decided to eat seafood every once in a while with my family- just because I have some of my fondness memories fishing with my dad and holiday dinners with my family. Making this preparation adjustment to support my new diet lifestyle I’m practicing and still have that family time at the table with my family I enjoy, has made all the difference for me.
*We saved time and money at the grocery store planning ahead. Prepping and freezing what we can has helped spread out our trips to the grocery store. And most importantly to me, we all get to set together, talk, laugh, and just enjoy each other’s ’ company again. Feels good to be able to eat what my body wants and not feel obligated to eat what my body doesn’t want without encroaching a diet lifestyle my family may not be ready for or want for themselves. 
Imbue Lifestyle - This years' pescatarian and carnivorous holiday dinner
(Photo Above -This years pescatarian and carnivorous harmonious holiday dinner. The family wanted their traditional entree and I enjoyed my seafood cioppino.)
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