Healing Dry & Cracked Lips

Dry Lips are commonly caused by exposure to dry, cold weather. Over exposure in the sun can also be a culprit of chapped lips. Excessive licking and spicy foods are known to cause dry lips. The common cold and a few health conditions can be the cause of chapped lips as well, according to "Everyday Health".

So what to do about the annoyance? Well, start with using a lip balm. One that has an SPF of at least 20. And one that is free of fragrance, camphor, menthol, and salicylic acid, because these ingredients can cause irritation of the skin, leading to dehydration of the skin and worsen the condition of chapped lips. If lip balm isn't doing the trick, try coconut or avocado oil. These two oils slide on the skin smoothly and create a lip gloss like shine. Also they are safe to consume, but not licking please! 

Preventative care, you can use a teaspoon of this mornings coffee grounds, mixed in coconut oil to create your own simplified lip scrub treatment to help sloth off dead skin. Gentle exfoliate the lip area and repeat weekly. Excessive exfoliation can cause undesired irritation. So a gentle touch is key. 

You can maintain luscious lips by continuing exfoliating and moisturizing with coconut or avocado oil in the evenings, weekly or bi-weekly (depending on the condition of your lips) and use your favorite lip balm daily. 

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Warmest Wishes and Happy Holidays!

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